The UK Pagan Council is one of the UK’s largest pagan organisations and is here to provide an effective and friendly focal point for whole UK pagan community or those aspiring to pagan way of life. We are here to encourage open discussion and learning with your fellow members, and grow an environment that’s pagan friendly, built with pagans in mind and safe, with information that’s up-to-date.

The UK Pagan Council is open to any pagans and witches who follow any number of different pagan paths, including Eclectic, Alexandrian, Gardnerian, Wiccan, Druid and many more.

Definition of the Word ‘Council’ – ‘An assembly of persons called together for consultation, deliberation, or discussion.’

If you are Pagan, but not a practicing witch, you are welcome to join our community, as many have done so already. There is something for everyone.

The UK Pagan Council has distinct differences from other Pagan organisations. Membership to The UK Pagan Council, and the use of this website, is absolutely free.

The UK Pagan Council is governed by its members, we believe every single one of our members are the cornerstone of our organisation.

The UK Pagan Council was founded in December 2009. There was seen a need for a UK-wide online social network and pagan organisation that also worked as an up-to-date information resource. With the growth of social networking, especially from sites such as Facebook, people of all interests desire instant interaction and a sense of community. Involvement in one’s spiritual community, however small, is so important. We believe that pagans, like everyone, want their opinions heard and want to have an active input in their community.

We are here for our members, and will adapt and change to ensure that The UK Pagan Council offers pagans in the UK what they really want from a UK pagan organisation. The UK Pagan Council operates in a non-prejudicial and ethical manner in all its dealings and provides an organisation in which pagans can meet other pagans or like-minded people. We’re a non-profit organisation and we’re completely run by volunteers.

The UK Pagan Council has grown year on year and we now have thousands of members across the UK – and we’re still growing! We aim to provide a modern, user friendly, adaptable and ever-evolving website and organisation. The site features an online social network, online chat, groups, UK Covens Database, UK Moots Database, campaigns, UK and global events, an Agony Witch page, forums, blogs, an online Book of Shadows and much more.

The UK Pagan Council is run and organised by a committee of members who have a large active role within the UKPC and help run every aspect of the organisation. Having said that, the true heart of our organisation is our members. We want, and actively seek, the input of all our members on continually developing the organisation ensuring it stays something that’s truly needed and works for all our members and the UK pagan community.

There is something for every pagan!

Membership is, and always will be, completely free