Coming soon – member to member messaging, Friends, and more…

New Feature added – 13/11/2020

Sitewide and Profile Activity Walls

Allow Members to interact with each other by adding an activity your profile and you can create posts on your wall and see what other users are up to on theirs.

Key Features

  • A Sitewide activity wall.
  • Allows you to create public wall posts
  • You can post on another members profile
  • You can create a post and attach a photo to post
  • You can edit wall posts from your profile
  • Embeds YouTube & Vimeo videos directly onto your activity stream if you posts a url
  • You can add hashtags to posts & You can click on hashtag to see all posts including that hashtag
  • You can comment & like posts and also reply to comments
  • You can report specific wall posts
  • You can make your wall private or viewable by members only via your account page
  • Show when a member follows another user in activity (or it will when ive done this)
  • Allow your to make your wall available to your followers only, or people they follow (or it will when ive done this)
  • Notify when someone post on user wall
  • Notify when someone likes their wall post
  • Notify when someone comments their wall post
  • Show when a new user registers on site
  • Show when a user creates a new blog post


Add a real-time notifications to the site so members can receive updates and notifications directly on the website as they happen.

Core Notifications

  • Notify you when user role is changed.
  • Notify you when someone comments on your post
  • Notify you when someone replies to one of your comments
  • Notify you when another member views their profile
  • Notify you when someone replies to them on topics they created
  • Notify you when someone replies to you on any specific topic

Membership Request bug fixed.

We are now up to date on membership requests.


New Forum – Bug fixed

We have built a whole new forum for you to enjoy, much more interactive, mobile friendly and totally fresh and spam free.


Gallery tab added to member profiles

Upload images to your member profiles. keep it clean peeps. 🙂


New Member Profiles

You not have new member profiles. log in, update, add your profile pics and fill out your info. More to come..


August 2019

We are giving the UKPC the biggest overhaul and update its ever had!

Totally new profiles, new forum, All Updated info, and much much more…. WATCH…THIS…SPACE