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Mission Statement

The UK Pagan Council’s mission is to become the UK’s largest, most vibrant and engaging pagan organisation. We do this by providing a UK-wide online social network and pagan organisation that also works as an up-to-date information resource, and we pursue this vision with a set of values we adhere to and that helps pave the way.

The UKPC constantly and proactively promotes unity, co-operation and equality with all other faiths and the non-pagan community. This is achieved through open communication, understanding and education.

Our Values, Goals and Promises

  • Membership is and always will be free.
  • Memberships are open to all pagans of any path.
  • The UKPC is a non-political body. This means we will not get involved ‘general’ UK Politics or side with one political party.
    We will get involved in, and help our members get involved in political activism that affects UK Pagans.
    If you have a suggested plan of action or would like UKPC to help in any way, please contact our Campaigns Manager at info@ukpagancouncil.org
  • Membership is equally and freely open to all pagans regardless of disability, creed, gender, sexual orientation or an other flavour of person that we believe makes the world a beautiful place.
  • The UK Pagan Council is governed by it’s members and all members may have an active involvement in how the organisation is ran.

Meet the Team

The UK Pagan Council would like to thank the countless folk who are involved in keeping our great organisation spinning. You rock!

Here you will find information on how the UKPC cogs are kept running.

General Enquiries should be send to info@ukpagancouncil.org

The Senate

The Senate are those with key roles and are responsible for managing the core operational side of the organisation. The day to day actions and coordinating with the massive UKPC teams of countless volunteers that keep the beating heart of the UKPC going.

The Senate also has seats open to members of the UK pagan community who have quantifiable achievements and involvement in the UK Pagan community who vote on UKPC matters.


Mark Black

username @phoenix / president@ukpagancouncil.org

Vice President

Sam Ferris

username @ladystarlight / vp@ukpagancouncil.org


Aaron Longbottom

username @averycorylus / secretary@ukpagancouncil.org


Tracey Ewbank

username @tbc / treasurer@ukpagancouncil.org

National Ambassadors Liaison

Korben Salmalin (Interim NAL)

username @tbc / nationalambassador@ukpagancouncil.org

Social Media Manager

Emma Louise Turner

username @cedonia / socialmedia@ukpagancouncil.org

Agony Witch

‘The Oracle’

username @NA / agonywitch@ukpagancouncil.org

National Clergy Coordinator

Elsa Edmond

username @TBC / clergy@ukpagancouncil.org

Non Pagan Consultant

Chris Gell

username @NA / consultant@ukpagancouncil.org

Internal Events Coordinator

National Covens Liaison

Media Correspondent

Campaigns Manager