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Please note; Covens listed in this database have not been through a vetting process at this stage. We Strongly recommend that you take certain precautions when contacting covens for the purpose of joining, For example, always meet for the first time in a public place, like a coffee shop. If going somewhere non-public, always let someone know where you are going and when you will return. Learn as much information as you can about the group that you are joining before you commit to joining if they are a good group, they will be more than happy to supply any information that will put you at ease, then do your research. We, at The UK Pagan Council, are more than happy to supply more information on what to do and not to do when looking for a coven, just get in touch.

Coven Name: Wight Wiccan Grove of Nemetona

Path, If Any.: Wicca – Gardnerian based

Area: Isle of Wight

Contact Name: Duir

Contact Telephone Number:

Coven E-mail Address: duirpaul@yahoo.co.uk

Website Address: none supplied

Information Section:

This coven in the wiccan tradition is open to any Pagan with an open mind and heart, whether experienced in the Old Ways or not, who wishes to further explore the inner mysteries and so spiritually grow. The coven celebrates the Esbats and Sabbats, and offers teaching and guidance for those starting out on this demanding yet richly rewarding spiritual path, now recognised as the only true native religion Britain can definitely be said to have given to the world.

Coven Principles:-

* Love, respect and stewardship for all Nature.

* A recognition of divinity in its female and male aspects.

* Acceptance of the Wiccan Rede “An Harm ye None, Do as you Will.

We are based on the beautiful Isle of Wight, which some call the Isle of Witches, due to the high proportions of pagan folk. The Island was the last place in England to suffer enforced Xtianity, and the Old Ways are still in evidence.

if you would like to join us you will be welcomed, so in the first instance contact me.

Blessed be



Coven Name: The Coven of The Sacred Flame

Path, If Any.: Eclectic

Area: Chester, Cheshire

Contact Name: WhitePhoenix

Coven E-mail Address: info@covenofthesacredflame.org

Website Address: www.covenofthesacredflame.org

Information Section:

The Inner Circle of the Sacred Flame is a teaching coven that meets once monthly and on every point of the Turning Wheel. We are an eclectic group embracing many varied paths.  Our aim is to provide training for those who wish to practice their craft . Our students stay and learn with us or  move on safe in the knowledge that they can practice their craft with confidence but also knowing they are part of a community should they desire or need to work with others.  All our students past and present are welcome at Sabbat celebrations and may ask the coven for help and support whenever it is needed.


Coven Name: Templi Kalendae

Path, If Any.: Alexandrian and traditional

Area: Birmingham

Contact Name: ash branch

Contact Telephone Number:

Coven E-mail Address: ashbranch@yahoo.co.u

Website Address:

Information Section:

Templi Kalendae, Birmingham’s oldest coven, offers training and initiation to suitable candidates. We are a family-based coven with Alexandrian and Traditional Craft lineages. ashbranch@yahoo.co.uk for uploading, many thanks rowan sparkle


Coven Name: Hearth of Albion

Path, If Any.: British Traditional Witchcraft

Area:  Manchester / Cheshire / Derbshire

Contact Name: Breacca

Coven E-mail Address: srsummerisle@gmail.com

Website Address: sites.google.com/site/hearthofalbion/

Information Section:

Our Group is a Reconstructional British Traditional Witchcraft (BTW) Coven, seeking to recapture the wisdom and practices of those of our Ancestors who were Witch Incarnate but bringing them forward into the modern age and seeking to give them deep meaning for our lives in the modern world.

For more information please see Website


Coven Name: Brighton Coven

Path, If Any.: Alexandrian Witchcraft

Area: Brighton

Contact Name: Moon dancing

Contact Telephone Number:

Coven E-mail Address: mythdance@yahoo.co.uk

Website Address: www.moondancing.marielle.ws/

Information Section:

Based in Brighton, and from Alexandrian descent, from the matrilinear lineage from Elsy and Kobus to Alex and Maxine Sanders. I have had the privilage of the traditional training over 20 years ago. In daily life, live, teach and experience the craft in all her facets.

We draw and work within the framework of this tradition. We love to work with, trance-dance, oracles, seals, and Kabbalah. And are happy to conduct Rites of Passages like Handfastings.

This group is a trainings Coven and open to new genuine and creative members, who honour and work with the Old Ones, and the sacred land.

Accepting youngsters to help and develop their exploration into the Mysteries of these lands. Moondancing began her journey into the Craft as a teen herself. Although happy to help teens, initiation only occurs at the age of 18 and above.

Don’t hestitate to drop an email if you have any questions, and you are most welcome to browse on the website. We also have pub moots each third Wednesday  of the month in Brighton


Coven Name: Folk I The Wood

Path, If Any.:  Practising Traditional English Craft   in the Context of the Western Mystery Tradition

Country: England

Area: Sheffield

Contact Name: steven Critchley

Contact Telephone Number:

Coven E-mail Address: contact@folkithewood.co.uk

Website Address: www.folkithewood.co.uk

Information Section: see website


Coven Name: Coven of Arianrhod

Path, If Any.: Alexandrian craft

Area: Cornwall Devon,  Plymouth, England

Contact Name: Mari

Contact Telephone Number:

Coven E-mail Address: covenofarianrhod@hotmail.co.uk

Website Address:

Information Section:

We are a highpriestess and high priest looking to form a new coven in cornwall near callington.

We are both coven trained and initiiated in the alexandrian tradition of craft. We are experienced in running a coven, however due to our new location are seeking new members.

We are witches looking for those who want to train to be witches so if you are looking for fluffy new age religions, fairies, druids or a vegan ethic you will not find it with us.

We expect a full commitment from people and they must be willing to laugh, cry and learn.

Although old Alexandrians our attitudes are much closer to Traditional craft. We are not an ‘open’ coven, we are very private and work together in a strong bond of loyalty and trust, we only work with those that have been excepted in to our coven.

To work with us you must be over 21 without exception.

If you would like to make contact with us, please do so with a detailed description of your self.

Blessed Be!


Coven Name: Coven of the Mother of the Earth

Path: Wicca

Coven Area: West Midlands

Contact Name: Duane James Thurstance

Telephone: 07971647600

Coven Email Address: paris–fan@live.co.uk

Coven Website Address: None Given

Coven Information:
coven of the pagan sun we warship mother earth we are a friendly group i need at leat 4 members please feel free to join my coven we are based in Walsall west midlands coven will be had at my flat we shell be leaning about mother earth and doing spells to help one another please phone me on if you want to join or Facebook me on pagan James _


Coven Name: Cauldron of the Allta Cailleach
Path: Old Craft
Area: East Dorset/West New Forest
Contact: Melesmeles
Coven Website: alltacailleach.wordpress.com/
Coven Email: allta.cailleach@ntlworld.com
Coven Ethos:
The Cauldron of the Allta Cailleach is an Old Craft Coven of the Hunting Path, we are a coven of Equals and a coven of Activists…………..Once initiated, all in the AC are considered equal, we have no hierarchy, no one person is above any other, all are One.. The Cauldron of the Allta Cailleach is a Coveen of the many, acting as the One…… and we are sworn to one another and to the Old Gods and we take an oath to protect this Sacred Land, the Wild Creatures that live upon it and the Pagans of all persuasions who seek our help and protection. This we do both Magically and Practically……… Only those who are prepared to swear such an oath are accepted into the AC. And once sworn, the AC is a family who nurtures the skills, talents and expertise of one another and all are shown love and respect. We are a Coven that is in tune with the Spirits of the Land and gives reverence to the Old Gods………..
Coven Info:
The Cauldron of the Allta Cailleach first drew breath at the foot of the Long Man of Wilmington at Imbolc 1971.
It was then an Alexandrian Coven and stayed that way throughout the 70s and 80s. In the early 90s it evolved into a Coven of the Old Craft and in 1995 it fully evolved into a Hunting Coven of the Old Craft…In 2009 the members of the Coven finally went in differant directions and in all but name the Allta Cailleach was no more.
At Yule 2011, the Allta Cailleach sprang back into life………….and with renewed vigour……..
We are an Old Craft Coven of the Hunting Path… which means we are activists in every sense….our purpose is to fight both magically and practically to protect the Land, the Animals that live on it, the Environment, all Sacred Sites and any and all pagans from attacks of any kind…………….


Coven Name: Cotswold coven

Path: Wicca, hedgwitch

Coven Area:Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Contact Name:Alex


Coven Email Address: Alex.wicca@me.com

Coven Website Address:

Coven Information:

An open minded eclectic circle, celebrating wicca worship and studies in all forms. Witchcraft and worship with wine and cakes, merry meet and merry part.

Age restriction of over 21s.

Blessed be to all


Coven Name: Bride and the Green Man

Path: Alexandrian

Coven Area:East Sussex

Contact Name:Lou and John


Coven Email Address: forfireandearth@aol.com

Coven Information:

We offer training for those who want to be initiated and then study and attain the three degrees of our tradition. We do not circle with the uninitiated.

Applicants are requested to send us a formal application stating why they want to be initiated,what experience they have, what they are looking for and what they can offer our coven. The last of these is the most important. The minimum requirement is that initiates must attend coven twice a month and in return training is free.New initiates are required to study Qaballah and elements of ritual magic as well as “normal” craft o interest in these subjects is essential. Our own High Priest was in Alex Sanders coven.


Coven Name: The Brotherhood Of Cernunnos

Path: Eclectic

Coven Area:UK Wide

Contact Name:


Coven Website: www.brotherhoodofcernunnos.org

Coven Email Address:

Coven Information:

We are a Brotherhood for UK Gay Pagan Men. We actively encourage strong ideals of brotherhood, love, learning, leadership.


Coven Name: Witches Of The Dolmans DoorWay

Path: Eclectic

Coven Area: westmidlands Birmingham

Contact Name: Richard


Coven Website:

Coven Email Address: richardhaycock@yahoo.co.uk

Coven Information:

We are small group of folk magic practicers, with a traditional approach to pagan folk customs; looking to expand unto a larger scale of a working coven. We are highly experienced people in both witchcraft and paganism, with one person in training. Our practice closely resembles that of cunningmans craft, working closely with the sacred landscape/genius loci, celebrating the celtic festivals of the year and full moons, and practising British shamanism. We are looking for like mind people who practise along lines of traditional craft and old folks ways. Who are serious in devoting themselves to a working coven, who’s not afraid of getting there hands dirty and hard work. The witches path is term the crooked path, as there are a lot of sharp turns and bumpy roads, we walk a very thin line between realms of spirit and the mundane. Experienced people in traditional craft is not a must as training is given on dark moons, all is required is determination and passion towards are more deeper, traditional way of witchcraft/ paganism.


Coven Name: Pucks Coven

Path: a blend of Wicca, Traditional Cornish Witchcraft

Coven Area: Hertfordshire

Contact Name: Malcolm


Coven Website:

Coven Email Address: malcolmtearle@gmail.com

Coven Information:

Pucks Coven is a blend of Wicca, Traditional Cornish Witchcraft, and just a bit of old Shiva/Shakti worship from India, brought to these shores by the Gypsy. I will be holding 6 Sabbats (the Furry-Nights) 3 Dark Moon and 4 Full moon rites. We work skyclad, and have 5 initiations up to Priest/ess hood, with advancement into the Avatari, those who choose to become wandering witches/wizards, and learn such arts as, bone-setting, wort cunning, the wielding way, roots and spirit houses etc. Now forming in the Watford, Herts area, and coven meets in a local wood, please send e-mail enquiry, Thank you…Malcolm


Coven Name; Wise Witchy Woman

Coven Path; Druidcraft

Coven County; Yorkshire

Contact Name; Karen

Website; www.facebook.com/Wise-Witchy-Woman-803734693075946/timeline/

Coven Email Address; wisewitchy@gmail.com

Coven Info: A community of Druidwitches, Druids, Witches and Pagans based in Emley, West Yorkshire. We gather the whole community regardless of faith to feast and celebrate the sabbats. We work deeply together on full and new moons.


Coven Name;The Fellowship of the Faun

Coven Path; Traditional British Witchcraft

Coven County; west yorkshire

Contact Name; Serpent Rouge

Website; www.spirallabyrinth.co.uk

Coven Email Address; banadle@hotmail.com

Coven Info:
The Fellowship of the Faun is a very friendly selective Initiatory Training Group and Coven Working in the West Riding of Yorkshire. It is our aim to improve the Ability, Belief and Confidence of its Members. We are looking for genuine people with open minds, who want to venture into the occult via the traditional Craft path. We are a serious group, working with Ritual, Meditation, and Magic to promote understanding and knowledge.


Coven Name; Children of Coley’s Cauldron

Coven Path; Hereditary/Traditional Witchcraft

Coven County; Hampshire

Contact Name; Nicole Crawford


Coven Email Address; thecrawfordcoven@hotmail.com

Coven Info:

We are a Hampshire based Traditional-Hereditary Coven passed down through generation of families are practice is off The Traditional craft & Herbology,  we consist of 6 female and 2 male family members ranging from young to old. Although we are a family based closed Coven we are always welcome to hear from others in our area especially the youngsters of the craft  and look forward seeing people at gatherings.

Coven Name: The Blackthorn Coven

Path, If Any.:  Traditional Witchcraft

Country: England

Area: Stockport, Manchester

Contact Name: Robyn Blackthorn

Contact Telephone Number:

Coven E-mail Address: blackthornmoon@hotmai.co.uk

Website Address: blackthorncoven.wordpress.com

Information Section:

The Blackthorn Coven are an established magical working group that has been in existence since December 2009 . We are based in Manchester and Cheshire and have a main coven practising Traditional Witchcraft.

We hold outdoor rituals at Sabbats and esbats and weekly coven meetings. Our Stockport training coven is open to both experienced and inexperienced members. We welcome new members who will slowly be integrated into the group. Our coven members come from a wide area around the North West UK covering Cheshire, Tameside, Manchester and Derbyshire.


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