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Please find here information on our most frequently asked questions.

Queries, questions and General Support:


Why have I been signed up to this site, I don’t think i joined?

The UK Pagan Council used to be called The Ministry of Witchcraft. After consulting our members we changed our name to what it is now. We also built ourselves a nice shiny new site. All Members on MOW were transferred to the new site. We hope you enjoy the new site as it has tonnes of new features and we will add more as time goes on.

Is membership really free?

Yes, membership to The UK Pagan Council is, and always will be, completely free.

I do not want to receive emails from UKPC but have or want a membership, is this possible?

We obviously want you to have a membership and add your input to our organisation and community. But sorry, the answer is no. We can stop updates coming to you directly from us at UKPC but can not stop site messages going to you, for example, if another member sends you a message through your profile.

Not receiving emails from us would mean you would never know what is going on, you would also not receive emails from other members wanting to connect with you, to name but a few disadvantages. Our website is designed so that members can connect easily with one another, notifications via email is one way to keep members informed about recent activity.

That being said, we recommend you update your account with an email address that you are happy with to receive UKPC emails.

If you have any further questions about anything listed above or want help with anything please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email at: info@ukpagancouncil.org