Do you think animal testing has its uses? we introduce you to 33 facts and perhaps you will think again

  1. Less than 2% of human illnesses (1.16%) are ever seen in animals.  Over 98% never affect animals.
  2. According to the former scientific executive of Huntingdon Life Sciences, animal tests and human results agree “5%-25% of the time.”
  3. Among the hundreds of techniques available instead of animal experiments, cell culture toxicology methods give accuracy rates of 80-85%
  4. 92% of drugs passed by animal tests immediately fail when first tried on humans because they’re useless, dangerous or both.
  5. The two most common illnesses in the Western world are lung cancer from smoking and heart disease.  Neither can be reproduced in lab animals.
  6. A 2004 survey of doctors in the UK showed that 83% wanted a independent scientific evaluation of whether animal experiments had relevance to human patients.  Less than 1 in 4 (21%) had more confidence in animal tests than in non-animal methods.
  7. Rats are 37% effective in identifying what causes cancer to humans – less use than guessing.  The experimenters said: “we would have been better off to have tossed a coin.”
  8. Rodents are the animals almost always used in cancer research. They never get carcinomas, the human form of cancer, which affects membranes (eg lung cancer). Their sarcomas affect bone and connective tissue: the two are completely different.
  9. The results from animal tests are routinely altered radically by diet, light, noise, temperature, lab staff and bedding. Bedding differences caused cancer rates of over 90% and almost zero in the same strain of mice at different labs.
  10. Sex differences among lab animals can cause contradictory results. This does not correspond with humans.
  11. 75% of side effects identified in animals never occur.
  12. Over half of side effects cannot be detected in lab animals.
  13. Vioxx was shown to protect the heart of mice, dogs, monkeys and other lab animals.  It was linked to heart attacks and strokes in up to 139,000 humans.
  14. Genetically modified animals are not like humans. The mdx mouse is supposed to have muscular dystrophy, but the muscles regenerate with no treatment.
  15. GM animal the CF- mouse never gets fluid infections in the lungs – the cause of death for 95% of human cystic fibrosis patients.
  16. In America, 106,000 deaths a year are attributed to reactions to medical drugs.
  17. Each year 2.1 million Americans are hospitalised by medical treatment.
  18. In the UK an estimated 70,000 people are killed or severely disabled every year  by unexpected reactions to drugs.  All these drugs have passed animal tests.
  19. In the UKs House Of Lords questions have been asked regarding why unexpected reactions to drugs (which  passed animal tests) kill more people than cancer.
  20. A German doctors’ congress concluded that 6% of fatal illnesses and 25% of organic illness are caused by medicines. All have been animal tested.
  21. According to a thorough study, 88% of stillbirths are caused by drugs which passed animal tests.
  22. 61% of birth defects were found to have the same cause.
  23. 70% of drugs which cause human birth defects are safe in pregnant monkeys.
  24. 78% of foetus-damaging chemicals can be detected by one non-animal test.
  25. Thousands of safe products cause birth defects in lab animals – including water, several vitamins, vegetable oils, oxygen and drinking waters.  Of more than 1000 substances dangerous in lab animals, over 97% are safe in humans.
  26. One of the most common lifesaving operation (for ectopic pregnancies) was delayed 40 years by vivisection.
  27. The great Dr Hadwen noted “had animal experiments been relied upon…humanity would have been robbed of this great blessing of anaesthesia.”
  28. Aspirin fails animal tests, as do digitalis (heart drug), cancer drugs, insulin (which causes animal birth defects), penicillin and other safe medicines. They would be banned if vivisection were believed.
  29. Blood transfusions were delayed 200 years by animal studies.
  30. The polio vaccine was delayed 40 years by monkey tests.
  31. 30 HIV vaccines, 33 spinal cord damage drugs, and over 700 treatments for stroke have been developed in animals.  None work in humans.
  32. Despite many Nobel prizes going to vivisectors, only 45% agree that animal experiments are crucial.
  33. The Director of Research Defence Society, (which serves only to defend vivisection) was asked if medical progress could have been achieved without animal use. His written reply was “I am sure it could be.”

UK Pagan Council support Fighting Animal Testing 

The Cosmetics Directive 2013
Cruelty Free Cosmetic Testing
You all lobbied for this during the 80’s & 90’s – & won a massive & significant victory on behalf of animals. In response to public pressure, legalisation was passed in Europe in 1993 to stop the manufacture or sale of any cosmetics that had been tested on animals. These new cruelty free regulations were written into the existing cosmetic safety legislation, called the Cosmetic Directive but since then, unnoticed by many, the full implementation of this legalisation has suffered delay after delay for two main reasons: 1) Big companies lobbying for a delay of implementation  2) The slowness of development of animal free ‘alternative’ tests. It is time for these delays to stop. The legalisation that everybody worked so hard for needs to come into full force – giving animals the protection they deserve.
This year the legalisation comes under the spotlight again, as the EU Government make the latest of these crucial decisions over whether to implement the final stages of this law, which would force ALL cosmetics companies in Europe to end any animal testing they currently do.
The final phase of the legalisation was already delayed until 2013 – but there is now talk of the date being moved back again!
Industry is asking for another 10year delay – we are asking for NO MORE DELAYS!
The public, via opinion polls, say again & again that they are overwhelmingly against animals being used for cosmetic testing & they want a strong ban in place to end these practices.
There are many animal protection groups that have never given up on the Cosmetic Directive & have fought hard each time the legalisation has been delayed .
Lush are teaming up with one of these groups – The Humane Society International – to give customers & people a chance via the HSI petition.
The petition will be delivered  to the European Parliament & will send the strongest message to say that the public are sick & tired of the delays & want animals protected NOW from the most frivolous form of cruelty.
The legalisation needs to come into full force in 2013 – & fulfil the promise that was given to the animals & to the public all those years ago!
What you can do to help.
OR go down to your local Lush store & sign the petition there also you are able to sign the Lush store window as the UK Pagan Council has done, to show your support!