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Questions and Answers you May find useful


Question: I have started making my own candles but I always have problems getting them out of their moulds. I there a solution to this because nobody seems to know.. please help thankyou.. FENN…

Bright blessings Bryan,

I would firstly like to say how terribly sorry I am for the late reply,

I can completely understand your problem. There is nothing more frustrating that making a nice candle and then find the little beastie wont pop out. I have been there many times. Have you tried warming it ever so slightly. You can try rubbing it with your hands, I find this works best. It’ll get them to just the right temperature without damaging them. That would not be good. What happen is it them self-lubricates and then has a nice sheen as it re solidifies. If this doesn’t work either try rubbing it harder to use an external heat source. Maybe run it under the hot tap for a few second.

Love and Light – High Priestess Lady Willowmoon


Question: Have you ever tried mugwort tea?

Bright blessings Sarah,

Firstly I would like to say how wonderful it is to meet you and thank you for contacting me, It’s funny you should mention Mugwort actually because I am and have just recently been making Mugwort tea And may I start of saying that it is an acquired taste, think of it like dried hay soaked in water (hehehe) I would recommend putting (local) honey in it or a cinnamon stick in just to sweeten the taste, As for the effects well its very good for clearing blocked energies and especially helpful when using divination in any form  also extremely good for meditation Hope this is useful and answers some if not all of your question

Love and light – High Priestess Lady Willowmoon


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